Wednesday, August 26, 2009, 10:09 PM

Woohoo! Back due to popular demand (:

I don't know, haven't blog in a while so this might get a little boring?
but nvm i'll still blog since i've got nothing to do right now.
So past few days been going to the gym to errr experiment on the trampolines
eh not bad can do forward flip already and back flip, but still working on landing
Hahahaha, I'll perfect it by tomorrow.
Lol go check out the videos, maybe ZhiHao will upload it or something.
Most funny one goes to me rolling down the sea of sponge, and zhihao's worm.
Lol never fails to make me laugh whenever i see that video, you should go see it for yourself.

Okay and yesterday went down to play a bball game for Jay, BBAXN or something
Open category, then the angmoh there like damn tall, like really tall.
But one thing tall people reflexes slower, movement also slower so thats good haha.
Just abuse speed, but pretty damn close game, 56-55 i think, won by 1 point
quite exciting and fun, Whee i like close games, especially when we win and make crucial baskets
Okay thats all for now, tmr go gym again (:

Monday, May 18, 2009, 11:43 PM

Tmr got some concert, wednesday combined sports meet and friday go watch A div finals
Okay, this week seems pretty eventful, quite fun.
Chinese common test, im not sure, i just hope i write what was required and get a decent grade.
Lets get this over and done with, i can't wait for the holidays.

Tag Replies :

Goh Id : Wah you damn niao, i told you the food chain already what. the only competitor you got is our taichou what, you lame.

Jonus : Wth! that's yuanming whole day looking at girls until both of them come into eye contact then he'll be like lolololol. My byakugan is used on the bball court, his one use to look at girls la.

Henry : CORRECT! we muz all learn from henry.

YuanMing : TALK COCK, you whole day abuse byakugan to look at girls.

LeiBing : Lol err you can bring on friday! friday we going watch match together. Haha eh i went down the first training lor!

YuanMing : The more the merrier.

Sunday, May 17, 2009, 2:25 AM

Wow, awesome man. I just watched some chinese VCD i suspect i got from my uncle
4 short chinese stories, damn nice seriously, especially the last story
no idea how to describe them, but after i watched them i just felt damn good (:
Man weekends should stay forever, and now i must go cut my hair soon
cause ProEd just likes to check their students' hair on the 2nd last week of holidays.
Yes, ProEd only -______________________________________________-

Tag Reply :

big-mama : Lol true, anything for perfect eyesight.

Saturday, May 16, 2009, 2:23 AM

Health checkup today, damn cool (:
eyesight test done, then go to the next station.
Nurse : Mmm boy, your eyesight is perfect!
Me : Very naise!
Nurse : you don't watch television arh?
Me : Err i watch....
Nurse : you don't play computer games?
Me : Actually got....
Lol wth i was thinking i both also hardcore use, then like damn awkward hahahaha
goes to show, playing computer games/watching TV does not affect your eyesight.

Okay so we're going to take part in the 3v3 on 30th of may.
Great, lets try get first prize $500, nice!
Just a short post and its 2:30 imma go sleep now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009, 11:15 PM

Today was freaking torturous, cause i was damn tired/sleep
must be cause of the late night on thursday.
Anyway luckily geog test was postponed, thank god.
Cause she came in real late for geog class, and she was like, "so now how?"
Me : Postpone test...
hahahaha so success, its on tuesday now.
The BSC dudes are on the way back already, they'll reach on saturday i think.
Whee then we'll see them on monday, long time no see them already.
Hahaha tmr should be fun, can do alot of bullshit after school
go gym, play ball, play soccer, haha nice!

Wednesday's Maths trail was damn fun, organised by college.
We go there, collect the clues to the venues or the stations.
Apparently it was based on the x y coordinates, but my group didn't bother lol
We just followed kester's group, who was quite lost initially as well.
But nvm we managed to venture into the first station unwillingly,
Damn the stations were fun to do, and the station masters were all from china i swear
Oh well, lol but the girls there damn cute, not in terms of looks
but like when they give stupid answers they'll be like dunno how to say la
then one station we read the question then we go toilet, then come back and complete
Cause time is a factor, so theoretically, we completed that station in one second (:
Hmm, i think we came in 8th or something, but our points should be around 5th maybe.
Nice, can get some maths ace (:

Oh and damn, one thing about taking bus back home is i always get restrained
because i can take 7 buses home, so actually i can go home with different groups of people
and because of that i waste too much time, just stoning around.
So it so happens today that i took the same bus as coachy, lol
Then he started talking about my grades, hahahahaha
then i tell him," nvm la 如果我留班,明年全国冠军了. "
Lol but cannot la, must go JC if not damn sian, lag one year is a bloody waste of time.
Oh and coached signed us up for some 3v3 competition,
so we'll probably resume training after a while, then it won't be so slack everyday anymore.

Tag Replies :

Grace : Okay, relinked

Jonathan : Wth don't lame leh.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009, 8:19 PM

Played ping pong after a few months, wheeee not bad still can play pretty well
After school played with Pascal and Kester, then got this 2 lower secondary students
talk talk talk alot about how they beat some other JC students, but damn lame
they really damn lousy, hahaha but damn cool when we play table tennis
alot of people still stop by and watch one cause they say we play like tennis play until damn far
But nvm, after that we went to table tennis room to play,
cause some nice guy let us use one table ( the room for school team nia )
anyway i think they were using the room for some selection for national team
all the girls the jersey there all SINGAPORE..
So, we were playing and it was damn fun la, and we thought our rally was damn good
until the girls started playing, WTH their warm up damn gay one la
hit like 3 balls in one second, they they rally freaking fast...
then i down there play damn emo, cause can hear the sound of their rally
then compare to ours is like wth, 2 times faster and everything
damn i always thought maybe we could win girls school team, oh well.
It was fun though, the rally and smashes were all damn good today
plus playing at the ping pong room prevents wind from interfering
too bad i had to leave early to renew my passport.

Saturday, April 25, 2009, 11:42 PM

Congrats to Track & Field for clinching the championships for B and C division.
Naise, and to all the other CCAs which contributed a gold and silver or bronze
That gave us a half-day on friday, and saved me from English Test, NICE.
So half day i spend the other half walking around school wasting time
cause if i had gone home also nothing to do.
Lol but damn funny, went to canteen to eat with JiaWei, JianYi and Pascal.
Then JianYi went home, and we 3 went back to class.
Then we saw jianyi's racket lying in the class, and coincidentally he walk strolling down the slope
So we conveniently shouted his name and started waving his racket
and he was like oh yah! and walked back to our class
( our class is on the 2nd level so he was on the first level signaling for us to drop it )
At first we wanted to return out his racket out of pure good will
but with pascal around, given his mischievousness, he took out jianyi's racket
and drop threw down the casing, AND SOMEHOW MANAGED TO CONVINCE jianyi that he came to school with only the empty bag?! yes, somehow pascal managed to succeed.
so we waited for jianyi to walk all the way to the guardhouse again, some 80-100m
Then we shouted again, and waved his racket at him
he turned and gave that disgusted smile, but trudged back grudgingly lolololol
the 3rd time, we couldn't bear to see him walk off just yet
so i thought of getting some random paper and trick him into walking back here again
Hahaha, so i was shouting, " JIANYI! your english compre "
Omg, he really turned around at the guardhouse and started walking back
Then i had trouble containing my laughter but enough to fool jianyi anyway.
Hahahaha i tried to throw the paper down but it floated and got stuck in a tree
then jianyi tried to retrieve it but failed anyway,
Then my natural goodness struck him and i finally told him
Jianyi, go home, that was some random piece of paper

My ankle's more or less done, i should be back in full condition soon

Okay, this is in red because i think it's more important than pascal playing a fool on jianyi
so if you don't want to read pascal's evil deed you can read this instead
(that's if somehow you read this first before you read the above)
So i think most of you guys know i've written a note to HCI Basketball B'Div 09
can go facebook and check it out, haha and now is their note to me!

FAT GREG!!!!!!thanks for being a fatty and your 3-pter against aes which brought us thus far, it was your fatty pg skills which we had been an integral part of our game. off-court, your innumerous scams have always amused me, though i have been scammed by you for like 1000000000000 times since sec 1! unfortunately some funny ankle sprain kinda ended your season, really unfortunate. its okay, jc years ahead, as usual, i look forward to it tooo!!! :D
Actually, you can ignore the fat part, like, that's pure nonsense. the scamming part as well, im known throughout the school for my honesty. ( btw, that's from henry )

#11 Fat Greg- As the name says you're too fat. haha, you're probably the closest friend to me in the basketball team, we worked bloody hard for 4 years or so to achieve nationals top 16 but we did top 8 not but huh. Sadly you got injured in the most dashing, coolest way possible. Leaving you unable to play the rest of the top8, sad indeed cause i feel we would have maade top 4 together with you=/ as you're the best pointguard in WestZone Nationals. You're a cool friend to have though a mega duper slacker but since you're nearly as handsome as me i shall forgive you. We will still be playing together for the next few years to come and our CCAB sessions, but remember you have to study hard in order to play JC basketball! P.s when watching girls matches stop looking at ______ _____. (:
As usual, the fat part is retarded. But yea i really felt we could've fought all the way to top 4. Haha one point guard i'll admit better than me will only be wengsiang though, real zaikia.

Tag Replies :

Amanda : So how did you find out i DSA-ed. By the way i DSA through acadamics not basketball! haha natural smartness.

Yuanming : Nonsense! natural thing.

Amanda : Yea! Haha keep thinking that way, don't let that fatty yuanming affect your true thoughts.

Henry : Naise henry! i always knew you were my ardent supporter

Jonus : Wah this one is sarcasm, damn niao....

Nat : Lol fine i'll let YOU take it back. I'll pwn my chem test anyhow.

Princess : Wassup, sis?

LaiSheng : Lol that includes voting for me as bestest best senior.

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